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Grimsby named as garden capital of the UK!

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Grimsby named as garden capital of the UK!

Grimsby has been handed a new accolade - and one we can be proud of ... For it has been declared the garden capital of the UK!

According to, Grimsby is the garden capital of the UK based on current property listings, with 93 per cent of properties for sale boasting gardens.

While a garden is on the wish list for many buyers, the new research reveals nearly a third of homes in the UK's town don't have an outside space.

But Grimsby properties do!

Described as "the coastal town of Grimsby, in Yorkshire and Humber", the figures clearly include properties in Cleethorpes, too.

But if you consider yourself green-fingered, avoid Gateshead as more than half (55.1 per cent) of the properties on sale lack a back garden.

Three out of the five of the worst UK towns and cities for outside space are in the north west of England, and eight of 10 of the worst cities are in north England.

Not surprisingly, gardens are sparse in many areas of inner London, with just a third of properties on the market in Tower Hamlets having an outside space.

Looking at the top 10 UK cities with the largest populations, Liverpool (59.6%), London (60.5%) and Manchester (62.8%) rank the lowest in terms of properties on the market with gardens, with Bristol (79.6%), Edinburgh (78.5%) and Sheffield (77.5%) the best.

Alex Gosling, CEO of online estate agents, said: “With the need to build more homes in the UK, and space at a premium, we could well see fewer and fewer new build properties with private gardens. Even new build family homes rarely come with the expansive back gardens you might have seen 30 to 40 years ago.

“In heavily populated areas, developments are squeezed in and the reality is that private gardens takes up valuable square footage. Hence, we are likely to see more modern block of flats to meet housing demand, and the outside space will inevitably be sacrificed.

“However, the death knell hasn't been sounded for the back garden. There are plenty of towns, such as Grimsby, Crawley and Southport, where the majority of properties have private outside space. And moving further away from major cities, you're more likely to find houses not flats and the large back garden you're craving."

The top 5 UK towns and cities with properties for sale having a garden:

1 Grimsby - 314 properties on the market - 93%

2 Crawley - 328 - 91.2%

3 Chesterfield - 915 - 88.3%

4 Southport - 485 - 87.6%

5 Barnsley - 418 - 86.4%

SOURCE: Grimsby Telegraph